We source our rugs from around the world. This wide variety includes a wonderful selection of rugs - kilim, Aubusson, needlepoint – even hide, along with crewel work, all to be seen in our showroom.

All of these rugs can be used as floor coverings, wall-hangings or indeed upholstered on to a footstool.

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These flat tapestry-woven rugs are produced all over central Asia and the Far East. We hold a good stock of both old and new that come in a wide range of colours, from bold primaries through to more muted tones.
KIO055 Dimensions: 4'10.5" x 6'3.5" Info: A good sized kilim in traditonal reds, mustard and blue. KIO055
Price: £375.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO054 Dimensions: 2'6" x 9'3" Info: A useful runner in subtle shades of buff, blue, sienna and grey. KIO054
Price: £285.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO053 Dimensions: 2'7" x 9'4" Info: Super runner in subtle colours. There is a matching pair. KIO053
Price: £295.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO052 Dimensions: 3'4.4" x 4'11" Info: Lovely colours including sienna, azur and grey. KIO052
Price: £205.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO059 Dimensions: 3'3.5" x 5'2.5" Info: A very fine, subtle kilim in buff, sienna, light blue and light brown. KIO059
Price: £210.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO058 Dimensions: 2'9" x 4'1.5" Info: Super kilim in grey, terracotta, mustard and blue. KIO058
Price: £140.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO056 Dimensions: 3'4.5" x 4'11" Info: Lovely kilim in light blue, grey and terracotta. KIO056
Price: £205.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO044 Dimensions: 1'9"x3'3.5" Info: Wonderful small piece in ochre, rust, blue and green. KIO044
Price: £60.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO032 Dimensions: 3'2"x3'4" Info: Unusual square kilim in mustard, red and green. KIO032
Price: £130.00 ORDERPlace an order
Kilim KIO009 Dimensions: 7'9" x 4'3" Info: Fantastic large Afghan kilim with a bold saffron & grey/brown background. Shades of pale blue, yellow, red and creams. Ref KIO009
Price: £350.00 ORDERPlace an order


The factories of Aubusson in central France have been producing these exquisite rugs and wall coverings since the 14th century. We have found wonderful woven and needlepoint reproductions, which are more suitable for busy homes and modern lifestyles.
NES016 Dimensions: 5' x 3' Info: Lovely needlepoint with natural background and rose flower detail. NES016
Price: £280.00 ORDERPlace an order
NEO001 Dimensions: 4' x 4' Info: Wonderful needlepoint in a Napoleonic style. Attractive chartreuse background with detailing in grey, olive, red and buff. NEO001
Price: £400.00 ORDERPlace an order
Needlepoint NES008 Dimensions: 6' x 4' Info: Needlepoint with a strong claret background. Ref NES008
Price: £300.00 ORDERPlace an order
Needlepoint NES007 Dimensions: 6' x 4' Info: Needlepoint in shades of beige and pink. Ref NES007
Price: £300.00 ORDERPlace an order
Needlepoint NES006 Dimensions: 6' x 3' Info: Needlepoint in muted beiges, pinks and blues. NES006
Price: £330.00 ORDERPlace an order
Aubusson AUS004 Dimensions: 6' x 4' Info: Aubusson in muted buff and beige tones. Ref AUS004
Price: £660.00 ORDERPlace an order
Aubusson AUS002 Dimensions: 6' x 4' Info: Aubusson with a burgundy border. Ref AUS002
Price: £660.00 ORDERPlace an order
Aubusson AUS001 Dimensions: 6' x 4' Info: Aubusson in shades of beige and pink. Ref AUS001
Price: £660.00 ORDERPlace an order


We have a selection of superb reproductions of the traditional petit point which work beautifully when upholstered on to our footstools.


Our red deer hides come from a farm near us in Northamptonshire where the deer are reared free range. Deer hides have a wonderful coarse texture which make them ideal for games rooms and conservatories. We also have cow hides which are smoother, and can be sourced in a wide variety of colours.


Produced in the traditional way but with a wider range of colours and patterns,
MKI015 Dimensions: 5'11.5" x 7'5.5" Info: A good sized kilim in striking pink. MKI015
Price: £455.00 ORDERPlace an order
MKI019 Dimensions: 6'3.5" x 7'8.5" Info: Endless stripes of bright colours. A real cracker! MKI019
Price: £595.00 ORDERPlace an order
MKI018 Dimensions: 4'2.5" x 5'7" Info: Multi-coloured striped kilim. MKI018
Price: £290.00 ORDERPlace an order
MKI017 Dimensions: 5'3" x 6'4" Info: Superb chessboard or many colours. MKI017
Price: £410.00 ORDERPlace an order
MKI011 Dimensions: 2'7"x2'9" Info: Lovely small rug with a royal blue border and oatmeal tones. MKI011
Price: £75.00 ORDERPlace an order
MKI001 Dimensions: 7'5"x5'8" Info: A fabulous modern kilim with multi-coloured stripes. MKI001
Price: £535.00 ORDERPlace an order