We source our rugs from around the world. This wide variety includes a wonderful selection of rugs - kilim, Aubusson, needlepoint – even hide, along with crewel work, all to be seen in our showroom.

All of these rugs can be used as floor coverings, wall-hangings or indeed upholstered on to a footstool.

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These flat tapestry-woven rugs are produced all over central Asia and the Far East. We hold a good stock of both old and new that come in a wide range of colours, from bold primaries through to more muted tones.
KIO055 Dimensions: 4'10.5" x 6'3.5" Info: A good sized kilim in traditonal reds, mustard and blue. KIO055
Price: £375.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO054 Dimensions: 2'6" x 9'3" Info: A useful runner in subtle shades of buff, blue, sienna and grey. KIO054
Price: £285.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO053 Dimensions: 2'7" x 9'4" Info: Super runner in subtle colours. There is a matching pair. KIO053
Price: £295.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO052 Dimensions: 3'4.4" x 4'11" Info: Lovely colours including sienna, azur and grey. KIO052
Price: £205.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO059 Dimensions: 3'3.5" x 5'2.5" Info: A very fine, subtle kilim in buff, sienna, light blue and light brown. KIO059
Price: £210.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO058 Dimensions: 2'9" x 4'1.5" Info: Super kilim in grey, terracotta, mustard and blue. KIO058
Price: £140.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO056 Dimensions: 3'4.5" x 4'11" Info: Lovely kilim in light blue, grey and terracotta. KIO056
Price: £205.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO044 Dimensions: 1'9"x3'3.5" Info: Wonderful small piece in ochre, rust, blue and green. KIO044
Price: £60.00 ORDERPlace an order
KIO032 Dimensions: 3'2"x3'4" Info: Unusual square kilim in mustard, red and green. KIO032
Price: £130.00 ORDERPlace an order
Kilim KIO009 Dimensions: 7'9" x 4'3" Info: Fantastic large Afghan kilim with a bold saffron & grey/brown background. Shades of pale blue, yellow, red and creams. Ref KIO009
Price: £350.00 ORDERPlace an order